Palandöken – Erzurum – Turkey

160 Rooms – 497 Beds

Room Types
25 Duplex Rooms
20 Suit Rooms

Room Characteristics
Central Heating, Air conditioning, Bathroom with a basin, Hair Dryer, Direct Phone, Minibar, Special Safe, Cable tv, Looking Glass

Karana Restaurant : Enjoy yourself during your holiday with Rich Open Buffet, Breakfast, meals and desserts and the wide range of choices of several Cuisine in the World.
A’lacarte Restaurant : Come and enjoy the distinct delights in A’lacarte Restaurant
Teras Restaurant : An authentic place offering you to taste our meals with the mountains with the coat of snow covering them, and the colors of spring or the fresh air of summer accompanying you.
Lobby Bar : You will enjoy the difference of Palan Otel while drinking our welcome-cocktail.
Vitamin Bar : We are pleased to serve you for 24 hours.
Sauna Bar : Longing for drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of tea? Enjoy it.
Games Hall – Bar : Taste our delicious Pastry and Cake.
Cafe : Let the fresh air fill your lungs while you are drinking your coffee eating the delicious cakes we baked for you.

Indoor Swimming Pool Fitness Center
Rent Skis Ski Cabinet
Playing Ground for Children Au-pair
Sauna Massage
Exchange Office Rent Safes
Internet Shopping center
Open and Closed Car Parking Area Photograph Studio
Games Club Reading Hall
Conference Hall Cinema
Discotheque TV Room
Dry Cleaning Laundry and Ironing
Rent a Car Taxi Stop
Room Service for 24 Hours

Karana (300 People), Karin (80 People), Vip Saloon (25 People)

Physician Room and Physician
University Hospital in City 3 km / 5 min

Skiing Trekking, Table Tennis Billiard, Jogging Rafting, Aerobic Step, Hunting Butterfly Hunting, Paragliding Mountain Bike, Video-Games,  Hall Sled


Palandöken skiing center is ready for 2006-2007 winter season; it has taken all measures to prevent an eventual avalanche and it has finished its artificial snow puddle.

GONDOL TELE CABIN Level : 1165m,  Length : 3200m, Capacity : 1500p/h
BEDEN TERBIYESI CHAIR LIFT Level : 1200m,  Length : 3237m, Capacity : 300p/h
CONNECTION LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 45m,  Length : 840m, Capacity : 900p/h
INEXPERIENCED LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 42m,  Length : 320m, Capacity : 900p/h
BABY LIFT TOW – BAR Level : 25m,  Length : 200m, Capacity : 300p/h
TELESKI TOW – BAR Level : 100m,  Length : 800m, Capacity : 650p/h
SOUTH LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 487m,  Length : 1528m, Capacity : 800p/h
VALLEY LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 225m,  Length : 1200m, Capacity : 800p/h
DRAGON LIFT CHAIR LIFT Level : 597m,  Length : 1778m, Capacity :  938p/h
SNOW TUBING Level : 47m,  Length : 350m, Capacity : 180p/h

Palandöken skiing center has 22 snow tracks, and two of them are declared by FIS as Olympic ones in 1967-83 reg. number.
Easy Track N.8
Medium Level Track N.8
High Level Track N.2
Road Track N.4

Dragon Track
Distance 1075m
Down Level 3100m
Up Level 2720m
Altitude 380m

South Track (Kapıkaya)
Distance 510m
Down Level 3100m
Up Level 2025m
Altitude 1075m

Distance to Airport 15 km, City 3 km
Open during 12 months of the year


These scripts and photographs are registered under © Copyright 2006, Palan Hotel / Palandöken – Erzurum – Turkey. All Rights Reserved.

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