Eğirdir – Isparta – Turkey

The Davraz Ski Center is located between three crystal clear lakes. Whilst skiing you’ll be astounded by the scenery of Lake Eğirdir. Davraz is in the middle of the “Golden Triangle” of lakes. Ideal for both amateur and professional skiers, Davraz Ski Center offers an extremely modern chairlift, carrying up to a thousand people per hour over a length of 1211 meters. Davraz Ski Center with it’s 2637 m peak hight, is a favorite spot for the people who are interested in mountain sports.

Davraz Ski Center with a peak of 2637 meters is a new attraction spot for alpinism lovers. Smooth natural surroundings and perfect snow quality excellent for new beginners and amateurs can ski undangerous (routes) slopes, professionals can ski up to 6 km as they wish.

The possibilities include Nordic and Alpine skiing, cross-country, snow boarding, mountaineering, botanic exploration and trekking. With the chair lift that can carry 1000 people per hour that is 1211 m long, you can watch the view of Lake Eğirdir for 8 minutes and reach the mountain house cafeteria, and after having a rest here you can choose one of these activities to do; North Discipline, Alp Discipline, Tour Skiing, Snow Boarding, Tele Mark, Mountain Climbing, Botanical Observing or Tracking.

The site is 26 km from the city of Isparta, 154 km from Antalya and 58 km from the Süleyman Demirel International Airport.

The Davraz Ski Center on Mount Davraz is 21 km away from district Eğirdir city centrium. The skiing center, with it’s proper geographical position, is proper for all kind of skiers an is developing rapidly. It is a unique nature site for one day visitors and for spending over the night. You can ski with a perfect view of the Lake Eğirdir. It presents safe courses with a perfect snow quality amateur skiers and unique 4 km long courses for Professional skiers.

The Davraz Ski Center, is in a 26 km distances from Antalya Airport. There are no kinds of transportation problems for visitors.

Beside this 62 bed and 150 eating capacity modern facility are on service, it is also possible to use 600 bed capacity which are located in Isparta and Eğirdir.

The Mount Davraz presents an ideal environment for skiers the whole winter season and in the summer for botanical observers, mountain climbers and trackers. The closest accommodation to Davraz Ski Center is Hotel Eğirdir and Hotel Eğirdir presents all the possibilities that is needed for a perfect vacation.

Hotel Eğirdir serves not only ski sets but also ski trainers for new skiers.

The Resorts Specialities
Height 287 m
Resorts length 1197 m
Operating speed 0-2,50 m/sec
Seats amount 134
Pole amount 13
Cord diameter 13 mm
Capacity 1000 people per hour
Spool amount 208
Lower station 1674 m


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