Ödemiş – Izmir – Turkey

Welcome to Hotel Princess Ödemiş! Gölcük is a plateau on Mount Bozdağ , which is covered with pine, chestnut, walnut and various fruit trees and has an altitude of 1100 meters. A lovely lake of 10 meters depth and 7 km circumference is located in the middle of this plateau. Each season has a different excellence here. Winters are usually snowy, summers are pretty cool. Carp fish, sheatfish, wild ducks, goose and cormorant live in the lake. Hundreds of different bird species are found in the vicinity of Gölcük.

The environment of the lake offers many options like trekking, paragliding, motorbike. There are hundreds kilometers of stabilize mountain roads takes where you can go camping , surfing, fishing and hunting. This place is very convenient for jogging. Gölcük is a quiet, far from stress, exceptionally relaxing, peace giving place. A holiday in this place means to relax and rest your mind.

The distance between Mount Bozdağ Ski Center and our Hotel is 18 km. Our hotel is right on the shore of this lovely lake and it is surrounded by 10 hectare meadows. There are 33 rooms with a capacity of 80 beds. Each room has central heating system, hot water, bathroom, tv and a hair dryer.

We have out and in-doors restaurants, meeting room, sauna, soccer and volleyball playing fields. At breakfast and dinner buffets we mainly serve local meals and arrange music and entertainment programs.

We also provide Ödemiş style kebap, marinated meat and barbecue for our visitors for the day. We serve tripe soup, pop corn and worm wine to have our guests enjoy the camp fire at nights.

You can take a trip to capital city (Town Birgi) of historical Aydınoğulları principality, visit Imam Birgi Tomb and complex of buildings adjacent to the mosque, the historical Mosque Ulu (Ulu Cami), Çakırağa Mansion Museum and see regional silk weaving and handicrafts workshops. Also our hotel is only 30 km away from Sardes, the center of ancient Lidya Civilization and 20 km away from Salihli thermal spring.


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