Ilgaz – Kastamonu – Turkey

Situated between Kastamonu and Çankırı at the junction of the Istanbul-Kastamonu, Ankara-Kastamonu roads. In the llgaz National Park amidst beautiful woodlands the slopes lie at 1820-2000 m. Besides the winter tourism potential, it is available to the tourism at four seasons with the natural beauties it contains.

It is located at the Karadeniz region, at the city borders of Kastamonu and Çankırı on the Ilgaz Mountain chains which has the peak of 2850 meters / 1.8 miles, inside Ilgaz National Park.

Set just four hours from Istanbul, two hours from Ankara, Ilgaz combines 1st class accommodation with an extensive range of piste’s to facilitate from the beginner, through intermediate to the more advanced skier. Included a package you will receive a ski lift pass for the duration of your stay, unlimited piste access and instruction when required.

There are picnic facilities, a hotel, chalets (50 beds), two ski-lifts, a baby lift and a chair lift; there is also good hunting in the area.

Vertical Drop : 180 m / 590 feet
Top Elevation : 2,000 m / 6,560 feet
Chairlifts : 1 (Double Seated)
T bars : 1

Qualified skiing instructors and equipment for hire are available.
You may take private skiing lessons.
You may hire skiing stuff.

There are small markets at the hotels offering different kinds of products for skiers.

The developing resort of Ilgaz Dağı in the Karadeniz region of northwest Turkey is an ideal ski destination for beginners, with its short and shallow slopes that never get congested. Situated within the confines of the spectacular Ilgaz Dağı National Park, Ilgaz Dağı ski resort is inexpensive and also rates highly in the choices of accommodation available at the resort.

Ilgaz Dağı ski resort is situated at 5,971 feet above sea level and has all the essential ski and snowboard facilities to help beginners on their way. There are qualified ski and snowboard instructors here as well as equipment hire and small markets with a range of ski products for sale. With 500 beds situated at the base in several hotels, lodges and chalets, the resort has ample accommodation and a good selection of apres-ski activities.

For such a small ski resort, Ilgaz Dağı has a surprising range of pastes suitable for all abilities up to advanced level, but with the emphasis firmly on beginners. Two ski lifts including a double chairlift and a t-bar provide access to the slopes up the 590-feet vertical to a height of 6,560 feet at a rate of hundreds of people per hour.

The ski season at Ilgaz Dağı ski resort runs from December to April and the best time to ski here is in February, while reduced rates are available at the beginning and end of the season. The nearest airport is at Ankara and for convenience it is easier to fly here and hire a car; while driving from Istanbul save can be a money saver.

Lying between the important cities of Çankırı and Kastamonu, within the famed Ilgaz Dağı National Park and to the east of Istanbul, Ilgaz Dağı ski resort is one of Turkey’s less popular ski destinations yet it offers stunning woodland setting and is the perfect place for learners and skiers and snowboarders who want to improve their skills. While Ilgaz Dağı is not situated particularly close to an airport, it has good accommodation options and is quiet.

CLIMATE :Terrestrial
WIND DIRECTION :North – Northwest
SKIING SEASONS :December – April
ALTITUDE :2850 m/ 9300 feet
SKI AREAS :1800-2000 m / 5900 – 6560 feet
-The chairlift with 700 meters length has the capacity of 700 person/hour
-The T bar with 950 meters length has the capacity of 1000 persons/hour.
-There is a babylift facility at the private hotel 3 km away from the facility.

There are several runs at Ilgaz Dağı ski resort that mainly appeal to beginners, but also to those who are more experienced, due to the excellent off-piste powder. The mere 590-feet vertical keeps slopes shallow and beginners confident, while a double chairlift and a T-bar feed the slopes to 6,560 feet.

Apart from the skiing and snowboarding at Ilgaz Dağı ski resort there isn’t that much else in the way of winter sports unless you’re into hiking or hunting. There are saunas and other wellness facilities at some of the top hotels where you will also find apres-ski entertainment.

Facilities at the ski centre are the bare essentials for getting on the slopes in the right attire and with confidence; there are well-trained ski and snowboard instructors, equipment rental shops and ski retail markets, while chalets, hotels and lodges provide beds for 500 patrons.

Ilgaz Dağı ski resort receives its best snow from December to April and you can find the cheapest rates here in December and April. While buses run all of the way to Ilgaz Dağı, flying to Istanbul and driving from there is the most practical travel option.

Situated between Kastamonu and Çankırı, 40 km from Kastamonu at the junction of the Istanbul – Kastamonu, Ankara – Kastamonu roads. One can reach the ski resort from the road separated from approximately 25 km north of the Ilgaz residential area which is the intersection of Istanbul – Kastamonu highway and Ankara -Kastamonu highway. The arrival to the ski resort from the city center is available privately.

Ilgaz Dağı ski resort is 300 miles east of Istanbul and 110 miles northeast of Ankara and lies within the outstanding Ilgaz Dağı National Park in northwest Turkey. Getting here is straightforward as there aren’t very many viable transport options. The easiest means of transport is to fly to Istanbul and drive from there, while flying onto Ankara and hiring a car there is even more convenient.

If you are driving from Istanbul’s Atatürk International Airport, expect a 6-hour journey covering 310 miles. The route goes via the O-4 motorway east to Gerede and then the D-100 takes you to Eskişehir, from where the Ilgaz Dağı ski resort road heads north for 28 miles. From Ankara’s Esenboğa International Airport, drive northeast via the towns of Зubuk, Orta and Kurşunlu on the D-100 and then head east to Eskişehir, a 3-hour journey.

The train station at Kurşunlu is only 35 miles from Ilgaz Dağı ski resort and there are regular connections. Once at Kurşunlu, you still need to find road transport to Ilgaz Dağı.

Atatьrk International Airport is Turkey’s major air hub, receiving flights from all over the world and infrequent buses run from here to Ilgaz Dağı, while driving yourself is a more convenient option. You also have the option of taking a short flight from Istanbul to Ankara and driving from there to Ilgaz Dağı.


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