Kartalkaya – Bolu – Turkey

Hotel Kartal is the name of the ideal skiing centre in Turkey, that provides the lovers of skiing with comfort, quality, aesthetics they need, since 1978 on 2000 meters’ peak of the Köroğlu Mountains, at a distance of 3 hours from Istanbul and 2 hours from Ankara. Kartal Hotel is on top of Kartalkaya since 30 years.

3 Bars, 2 Saunas, Kartal Disco, Cafe Kartal, Fitness Center, Tepe Cafe, Photoshop, Swimming Pool + Jacuzzi, Indoor Car Park for 300 cars, Boutique-Shopping market, Meeting Room, Mini-Club, Internet Access, Restaurant (500 capacity)

Once an holiday is talked about, warm spring days or hot summer months are coming to wind. People in nearly all firms, who want to make use of their yearly leaves, are preferring summer months. Ones who want to make use of sun and sea enough during the summer days are beginning to attack to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

But now, a winter holiday world began to come into existence slowly. Snowing and winter sports are providing a new horizon to those who get bored with noisy and monotonous days of the city life. In the last years, the number of the people who want to spend their holidays in the winter months is increasing. Those who want to take a holiday on mountain are escaping from the air of the city, polluted with central heating smokes, and going to nice pine smells and snow-white cover.

A kind of overflow in the establishments and full reservations for all hotels in Uludağ during the winter months attracted attentions to Bolu. The Bolu Mountain being 240 km far from Istanbul, 200 km from Ankara is becoming the second winter resting region of Turkey.

160 rooms all renovated with high standards. Best Quality customer care and service… May be you have a large family. In Hotel Kartal provides favorable room for everybody; you may choose the favorable one of our standard, suite, double, large, villa rooms and live a dreamlike holiday. In all rooms, satellite tv’s, automatic phones, hair-dryers, 24 hours hot water, central heating, deposit-safes exist. You will miss this comfort and lovable atmosphere after your holiday-return.

In the course of your stay in the hotel, our Reception gives any information and assistance services for 24 hours. With snow-white panorama, romantic fireplace, lovable atmosphere and for your sincere friendly inter courses, entertainments or private moments, you will not understand how the time passed in Kartal Bar, Kaya Bar, Eagles Cafe Bar, Kartal Disco-Bar.

In our restaurant where free-buffet meals are served, you become aware of the quality without leaving your sense of taste.

In Cafe Kartal next to our skiing-tracks and in Cafe Tepe of 2200 meters in height, you will find the possibility of having any food-drink as well warm wine.

Are you sportive? Do not wait, swimming-pool, sauna, fitness are waiting for you at your time over skiing. At the same time, you may watch the skiers while you swim in warm water.

In our villa of two independent storeys, decorated as mountain house, you will feel yourself within the nature and in your home. At each storey of villa, there are two bedrooms, hall, kitchen, bathroom, and also, a fireplace at the ground storey.

Our skiing-tracks are 24-hour-controlled for safety of skiing-lovers being either awkward or professional. Our skiing personnel give no opportunity of unfortunate incident thanks to their 25 years’ experience. It will be hard for you to make a choice between our 12 skiing-tracks of 20 km totally. Since lift capacity is 6000 person/hour, you are forced to wait your turn for no lift.

Total Lift : 2 telesiege, 6 teleski, 3 baby lift.
Total Transport : 6000 persons per hour
Yeşil Lift (Chairlift – 700 m), Çamçukuru Lift (Chairlift – 650 m), Inekçayırı 1-2 (Ski-Lift – 900 m), Resuldede 1-2 (Ski-Lift – 600 m), Kazankaya (Ski-Lift – 650 m), Köroğlu Lift (Ski-Lift – 1200 m) 2 Baby Lift


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