Kartalkaya – Bolu – Turkey

Season : December-April
Best Season : December 20 – March 20

Kartalkaya in the Köroğlu Mountains, is another resort for those who like winter sports. It is one of the three best winter sports centers in Turkey. You will find quietness and sportive enthusiasm in Kartalkaya.

The ski season at the ski resorts of Kartalkaya runs from December to April, with the best snow conditions being in January and February and cheaper rates are offered on weekdays at the start and end of the season. The duration of the skiing season is 120 days a year. The skiing area of Kartalkaya is 1800-2221 m high and the most suitable skiing conditions are between 20 December and 20 March. The average snow fall is 3 m in normal winter conditions. At the beginning of the season the type of snow is ”powdery-snow” and at the end of the season the snow characteristic is slightly ”slushy snow.”

This center has suitable conditions for Alpine skiing, ski touring, and cross country skiing. For those who want a little extra or a break from the pastes, there is also ski touring, snow shoeing and cross country skiing at Kartalkaya ski resort, with Doruk offering the best conditions for snowboarders.

All hotels have first aid facilities and medically trained personnel.

Note: In foggy conditions essential not to wander outside the marked slopes.

The center is equipped with 3 chairlifts and 7 T-bars. The slopes and mechanical equipment are under surveillance of experts.

Qualified skiing instructors and equipment for hire are available. Kartalkaya is renowned for the established Quicksilver Snowboarding Club as well as an excellent ski school and ski and snowboard equipment rentals.

Climate : Continental
Wind Direction : West, Northwest
Altitude : 2200 meter / 7200 feet
Ski Areas : Between 1850 – 2200 m / 6065 – 7200 feet
Infrastructure : Available
Physical Plan : Existing
Proposed Bed Capacity : 2250 Beds
Lifts : 7 Lifts a total capacity of 5000 person/hour

Kartalkaya Ski Center located in Köroğlu National Park to the southeast of Istanbul and Ankara, Kartalkaya encompasses Kartal and Doruk ski resorts, which both offer good skiing and snowboarding. Kartalkaya ski resorts have a laid-back atmosphere and mainly short slopes with good snow, but it can get quite busy on weekends. Snowboarders will especially enjoy Doruk’s steeps and powder.

The skiing and snowboarding at Kartalkaya ski resort features 25 miles of slopes, suitable for beginner to expert skiers. The highest slope is at 7,220 feet and there are seven ski lifts, including three chairlifts, with the capacity to lift nearly 5,000 people to the runs per hour.

For alternative skiing and snowboarding away from Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Erciyes ski resort is a 3-hour drive to the southeast near Kayseri and boasts awesome powder on the eastern slopes of the beautiful Erciyes Volcano. Away from the slopes, there are numerous nearby towns and villages, while the scenic Lake Hirfanlı Barajı is just to the south.

Facilities at Kartalkaya ski resort include ski rentals, equipment shops, a ski school and the excellent Quicksilver Snowboarding Club, while slope accommodation has 650 beds in a number of excellent, well-equipped hotels including the Grand Kartal. Hotel facilities include Turkish baths, saunas, heated pools and baby sitting, while apres-ski is provided at the hotel restaurants and bars, including the popular Eagles Bar.

Kartalkaya’s hotels have saunas, swimming pools and Turkish baths as well as offering apres-ski resort options. The accommodation at Kartalkaya ski resort is at top quality and relatively inexpensive hotels, with a total of 650 beds available. In addition, there are a further 2,000 beds in the nearby towns and villages.

Kartalkaya Ski Resort is great for snowboarders especially at the Doruk resort, while good skiing can be enjoyed at both Kartal and Doruk, with dozens of slopes available that are suitable for all levels of ability. Kartalkaya is suitable for those who enjoy good skiing, facilities and accommodation, yet prefer a quieter sliding experience.

Ski lift lines at Kartalkaya ski resort are short and the runs long. There are 40 runs divided into beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert levels. Seven ski lifts provide slope access to the 2,296 feet vertical at a peak altitude of 7,220 feet and a rate of about 5,000 people per hour.

Ski Center is 54 km / 33 miles from Bolu City Center. The Ankara Highway is a 45 minute drive from this center which is about 220 km / 4 hours from the airport in Ankara, and about 300 km / 6 hours from the airport in Istanbul. Private transfer is recommended. You could fly either to Istanbul or Ankara and book return transfer to Kartalkaya. Istanbul & Ankara. Istanbul Airport is recommended. Flying to Ankara’s Esenboğa International Airport and then hiring a car or shuttle bus to get to Kartalkaya Ski Resort is the easiest way to get here.


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