Bolkar – Erzincan – Turkey

The season runs between December and April, and the snow is at a depth of up to 1 m.

Around 42 km from Erzincan in North Eastern Anatolia, the Bolkar Ski Resort is in the Bolkar Mountains.

From the centre of Erzincan, there are many private and public vehicles to the ski centre. The nearest airport is in Erzurum, around 150 km east.

64 beds, restaurant, meeting room

Season : December – April
Snow Thickness : 0.60 – 1 m
The centre has a ski lodge, T-bar (1050 m long, 1200 persons/hours) and baby-lift (300 m long)
The ski run is around 1.1 km long and 200m wide, with a gradient of 20% and is a medium/hard level.

Ski equipment is available for hire, and there are plans to construct accommodation facilities.

Ski Training
Those who are registered under the Ski Trainers Foundation and having a ski trainer license can teach skiing. Courses taken from unlicensed and unregistered people may be dangerous and such actions are also restricted by laws. Contact with ski teachers can be held via the ski school and registered teachers and also via contact offices within the foundation.

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