Eleşkirt – Ağrı – Turkey

The area has a terrestrial climate, and the resort is covered with alpine meadows.

This ski resort is on the mountain of Bubi, in Eastern Anatolia, 36 km south-west of the centre of Ağrı and 6 km to Eleşkirt.

There are flights from Ankara and Istanbul, and transport from Ağrı to the resort is only by private vehicles.

There is a ski lodge belonging to the Ağrı City Directorate, restaurant and a cafe.

24 rooms, 4 suits, 44 beds with Tv, music, wc, bath

Sauna, fitness center, ski room

300 pax

Season : November – April
Snow Thickness : 1.5 – 2.5 m
There are a T-bar and chair-lift.
Trails : 1
Lifts : 1 ( 1 chair lifts, 0 surface lifts ) 1227 m long, 600 persons/hours
Cable cars : 1

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