Sivrice – Elazığ – Turkey

Located in the Hazarbaba Mountains in the Elazığ district, this resort was only opened in 1999 and is still being improved.

Elazığ is on the western side of the Eastern Anatolian region, and is well connected by road to all over the country. There are daily flights from Ankara, and three trains a week from Istanbul. The Hazarbaba Ski Centre is 25 km south of Elazığ, and 6 km from Sivrice, and there are private vehicles to the centre.

Hazarbaba Mountain has an altitude of 2347 m and Ski Center has an altitude of 1850 m.

Season : The season runs between December and March

Snow Depth : 1 – 2 m

The resort has a ski lodge and a cafe.

The ski run is around 1.1 km long. The ski run improved to cater for all levels of experience.

Ski equipment is available for hire, and there are plans to construct accommodation facilities.

Mechanical facilities and running tracks
The older T-bar facility was upgraded to 1700 meters in 2000 and the track was improved in order to provide a better skiing environment to beginner and advanced skiers.


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