Uludağ – Bursa – Turkey

Kite snowboarding, kite skiing…, but first you have to learn how to kite surf. And then you can climb up the mountains with no lifts. You can do some big airs and big tricks with no need of a ramp. Soon we will invite you to whitest new destinations for a snow-safari with us.
We started to perform this new sport 3 years ago. Kite snowboarding is as fun as kite surfing and as snow boarding. It’s so attractive and colorful.


These scripts and photographs are registered under © Copyright 2006, Uludağ Snow Kite School / Uludağ – Bursa – Turkey. All Rights Reserved.



  1. frankscrolls says:

    Yes, really Kite snowboarding and kite skiing are the great fun making games.
    It is a development of skiing where the pull comes from a kite. The main advantage is that it can be done on water, snow or on land.

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    PIRLANTA KITE SNOWBOARDING | Winter Sports In Turkey

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