Saklıkent – Antalya – Turkey

Saklıkent is 45 km from the centre of Antalya and 65 km from Antalya Airport.

Immediately adjacent to the pistes you will find the Saklıkent Motel which has been renovated to provide its guests with better service. Right below the motel which accommodates guests with its 75-bed capacity and its warm atmosphere is the morel boutique where you can meet all your ski and snowboard equipment requirements; in particular you have the opportunity of hiring a selection of skis, snowboards, bigfoot, carving, snowblades cross country skis and mountaineering equipment. You may learn these sports under the supervision of expert skiing and snowboard instructors.

The Saklıkent Ski Resort is one hour from Antalya city center on the lower slopes of Mount Bakırlı which is 2547 m in height, and it is a corner of Antalya province and the world whose equal is rarely to be found with its suitability for winter and outdoor sports and its proximity to the city. The skiing season is approximately the same period as that of other ski centers in Turkey. The season opens at the end of December and provides enthusiasts with the chance to ski until the middle of April.

Come and let us together enjoy the pleasure of taking advantage of the Mediterranean sun and sea while you ski on the wonderful natural pistes.

The Saklıbel Teleski and Piste: These have been prepared for guests who are amateur and medium-level skiers. The ski run is 1700 m in length. The length of the teleski line is 745 m, the height of the final station 2000 m. and the difference in elevation 50 m. The piste has an hourly capacity of 800 skiers. The Nadir Gez Teleski and Piste is preferred by professional skiers. On this run, the length of the teleski line is 900 m, the height of the final station 2450 m. and the difference in elevation 400 m.
The capacity is 600 skiers an hour and there is a full black 1600 m piste extending to the summit of Bakırlı Dağ. If you choose these runs, you extend the distance considerably and have the opportunity of skiing 3400 m. For snowboard enthusiasts, the pistes have magnificent powdered snow and natural location.

The pistes and their surroundings are of such beauty that they will provide moments which will never be erased from your memory.

With 477 detached houses, Saklıkent has the appearance of a real urban complex and also offers pension and restaurant services. Saklıkent, only half an hour away from the shores of Antalya, generously offers a geographical environment providing its guests with opportunities of enjoying to the full both winter sports and summer sports on Antalya’s matchlessly beautiful blue-flagged beaches.

Next to the motel, the bar and restaurant has a 200 person-capacity salon with open fireplace and is of a quality capable of providing palate-pleasing service. In the evening the disco and various entertainments are at the service of skiing enthusiasts.


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