Saklıkent – Antalya – TurkeySeason : December 15 – April Best Season : January- March 15

Antalya’s Star The Saklıkent Ski Resort… When you arrive in Antalya and look to the west you see the Beydağları Mountains in all their magnificence lording it over the city and the Mediterranean. With Antalya’s particular climate, the Beydağları have clear weather 300 days of the year and in cloudy weather too they have a climate which does not disappoint visitors or daunt climbers trying for the peaks.

Immediately adjacent to the courses you will find the Saklıkent Motel which has been renovated to provide its guests with better service. Right below the motel which accommodates guests with its 75-bed capacity and its warm atmosphere is the morel boutique where you can meet all your ski and snow board equipment requirements; in particular you have the opportunity of hiring a selection of skis, snow boards, big foot, carving, snow blades cross country skis and mountaineering equipment. You may learn these sports under the supervision of expert skiing and snow board instructors.

The Saklıkent Ski Resort is one hour from Antalya city center on the lower slopes of Mount Bakırlı which is 2547 m in height, and it is a corner of Antalya province and the world whose equal is rarely to be found with its suitability for winter and outdoor sports and its proximity to the city. The skiing season is approximately the same period as that of other ski centers in Turkey. The season opens at the end of December and provides enthusiasts with the chance to ski until the middle of April.

With 477 detached houses, Saklıkent has the appearance of a real urban complex and also offers pension and restaurant services. Saklıkent, only half an hour away from the shores of Antalya, generously offers a geographical environment providing its guests with opportunities of enjoying to the full both winter sports and summer sports on Antalya’s matchlessly beautiful blue-flagged beaches.

Saklıkent is 45 km from the centre of Antalya and 65 km from Antalya Airport

Antalya is known for its mild winters and where bathing is possible most of the year. However, at a distance of only 55 km. from Antalya and at a height of 3000 m. on the Saklı summer pastures is Saklıkent, where winter sports are possible during the winter months.
The special attraction of this centre is that in March and April one can ski in the mornings then drive down to the coast and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean in the afternoons.

The ski center is located 49 km west of Antalya on Beydağları. The skiing area is at an altitude of 1850 meters and the ski season is short. The thickness of the snow is about 50 to 100 cm. There is a pension (boarding-house) with 14 beds, a restaurant with an 80-person capacity, a cafeteria and countryside coffee houses. There are two T-bars with capacities of 240 and 340 people per hour, and the two slopes are rated with difficulty levels of easy and medium.

Saklıbel Ski Lift
Length: 745 m
Starting Height: 1890 m
Finishing Height: 1940 m
Height Difference: 50 m
Time to go up: 5 minutes 30 seconds
Average Inclination: 30%

Bakırlı Ski Lift
Length: 840 m
Starting Height: 1890 m
Finishing Height: 2130 m
Height Difference: 240 m
Time to go up: 5 minutes
Average Inclination: 40% – 45%

Ski and Snow board for Rent available at the Bakırlı Motel.
You may take private skiing lessons.

Accommodation is available in the motel and there are two ski-lifts. restaurant and shop. There is a pension with 14 beds, a restaurant, cafe and local coffee-houses.

Saklıkent is 50 km west of the centre of Antalya, in the Beydağ mountain range, with an altitude of 2550 m. Because of its close proximity to Antalya, it is one of the few places in the world that people can ski in the mornings, then swim in the sea in the afternoon.

The altitude for the skiing areas is between 2000-2400 m, with a snow depth between 0.5-1 m and a short season. There are two T-bars, and two ski runs at easy/moderate level.

Saklıkent ski resort is located in southwest Turkey in the Beydağ mountain range, not far west from the Mediterranean town of Antalya. Apart from the couple of easy slopes, the big attraction here is the fact that in under an hour you can access Antalya, where you can bathe on the Mediterranean beaches even in the mild winter ski season months.

Saklıkent resort lies at 6,560 feet above sea level and offers visitors a ski school, ski and snowboard equipment rentals at the Bakırlı Motel, ski shops and a supermarket. Accommodation is in the form of the small Bakırlı Motel and a number of private rental houses and chalets. The hotel comes with a restaurant and disco and there are also local coffee houses in Saklıkent offering apres-ski.

There are only a couple of runs at Saklıkent ski resort that will appeal to beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Two t-bar ski lifts provide slope access for hundreds of people per hour and rise to an altitude of 7,874 feet above sea level. Considering the resort’s proximity to the warm Mediterranean Sea, the snow quality is good.

Away from the slopes of Saklıkent ski resort is the obvious attraction of the Mediterranean coastline, which is less than an hour away by car. The town of Antalya itself is well worth exploring, with its wealth of mosques, monuments and museums. Be sure to visit Hadrian’s Gate, an entrance gate and Roman triumphal arch, while Clock Tower in nearby Kalekapısı Square is also a gem.

The ski season at Saklıkent ski resort runs from mid-December to April and has its best flurries of snow from mid-January to mid-March. Flying to Antalya and hiring a car is the most convenient way of getting to Saklıkent ski resort.

Saklıkent ski resort is located in southwest Turkey in the Beydağ mountain range, not far west from the Mediterranean town of Antalya. Apart from the couple of easy slopes, the big attraction here is the fact that in under an hour you can access Antalya, where you can bathe on the Mediterranean beaches even in the mild winter ski season months.


SKIING SEASONS : December 15 – April 15
ALTITUDE : 1,750 to 1.900 meters

Located near the Mediterranean Sea in southwest Turkey, Saklıkent ski resort is for those who enjoy skiing without all the trappings of the busy mega resorts of France and Switzerland, while still being near enough to enjoy the sun and sea of a coastal resort. Saklıkent is only a small ski resort with few slopes, but it does boast a half-pipe.

The courses at Saklıkent ski resort rise to heights of 7,874 feet above sea level and are made accessible by two t-bar drag lifts that are able to carry hundreds of skiers and snowboarders per hour. There are two slopes here that cater for beginner and intermediate skiers as well as a half-pipe for keen snowboarders.

There isn’t much in the way of alternative winter activities at Saklıkent ski resort and wellness facilities are also lacking here. Accommodation is provided by the small Bakırlı Motel at Saklıkent and a couple of pensions and chalets nearby, while apres-ski can be enjoyed at the hotel’s restaurant and disco, the coffee shops in Saklıkent and the numerous bars and nightclubs in nearby Antalya.

The best snow can be found in January and February during the December to April ski season at Saklıkent ski resort, while cheaper rates are on offer at the beginning and end of the ski season. The best way to get to and from Saklıkent is to fly to Antalya from Istanbul, from where you can hire a car. Buses and shuttles to the resort are infrequent and unreliable.

Saklıkent ski resort is located in the Beydağ mountain range, 416 miles south of Istanbul and 25 miles west of Antalya in southwest Turkey. There are few transport options for getting here, with driving from Istanbul or flying to Antalya and hiring a car being the most recommended means of getting here.

Traveling to Saklıkent ski resort by car is feasible from Istanbul and from Antalya airport. The drive from London is arduous, with a journey time of about five days. From Istanbul’s Atatürk International Airport, head east through Istanbul to Izmit and then south to Bilecik, from where the D-650 continues south to Antalya. From Antalya head west through Duraliler and Sinandeğirmeni before reaching Saklıkent.

It’s best to take a long distance bus to Antalya on arrival in Istanbul as trains only go as far as Isparta, 80 miles north of Saklıkent.

By far the best way to get to and from Saklıkent ski resort is to fly to Istanbul and then fly to Antalya. From Antalya airport you can reach Saklıkent ski resort directly by taxi or hire car. The drive from Antalya airport to Saklıkent is just over 30 miles via the D-650 Antalya bypass and the towns of Duraliler and Sinandeğirmeni.


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