There are several ski resorts in Turkey, which offer skiing facilities spanning from November to May. Most of these resorts are in the forest areas on mountains of moderate height. Nevertheless, they are great places to visit, no matter whether you are a novice, an amateur or an expert. There are slopes of different ranges – with baby slopes for beginners to the more difficult slopes at altitudes of 2200 to 3100 meters for professionals.

Expert ski instructors are available at all resorts to teach the beginners on the lower slopes. Shops abound in Turkey where skiing gear can be bought. Most hotels also have facility for hiring skiing boots, skis and even clothes. In addition, the hotels also have ski lifts and teleskiing for its guests.

With an average altitude of 1000 m, the Anatolian peninsula is covered with North Anatolian Mountains (2587-3932 m) in the North and Toros (Taurus) Mountains (3086-4136 m) in the South. The Central and East Anatolian high plateaus are enchanted by extinct volcanic mountains such as Mt. Erciyes (3917 in) and Mt. Ağrı (5137 m).

During the normal winter conditions the height of the snow reaches approximately 3 meters, and covered with forests, the natural beauty of the mountainous areas is stunning.

Not just famous for its blue seas and idyllic bays, Turkey has some of the most scenic mountain ranges with excellent skiing facilities such as :

01) Güneykaya Ski Center / Eleşkirt – Ağrı
02) Elmadağ Ski Center / Ankara
03) Saklıkent Ski Center / Antalya
04) Yolaçtı Ski Center / Bingцl
05) Sapgör Ski Center / Bitlis
06) Kartalkaya Ski Center / Bolu
07) Uludağ Ski Center Bursa / Bursa
08) Hazarbaba Ski Center / Sivrice – Elazığ
09) Akbulut Ski Center / Erzincan
10) Palandöken Ski Center / Erzurum
11) Zigana Ski Center / Gümüşhane
12) Davraz Ski Center / Isparta
13) Bozdağ Ski Center / Izmir
14) Sarıkamış-Cibiltepe Ski Center / Kars
15) Ilgaz Ski Center / Kastamonu
16) Erciyes Ski Center / Kayseri
17) Kartepe Ski Center / Kocaeli



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